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GeekCoders is an ideal partner for companies that need a long-term partner in the digital world, in many ways. From the first UI/UX design, through development to management or marketing.

Some of our projects


Recruitis is a job applicant tracking system (ATS) based in the Czech Republic, used by numerous companies such as T-Mobile, UniCredit,, Globus and many others. We have provided the appearance of the mobile application for both iOS and Android. The design process began with analysis, followed by wireframes, and ended with the final design of the user interface and other visual assets.


INVESTIDO is an investment platform specializing in rental income and real estate appreciation over time. We designed the investment platform, presentation website and administration interface. We also developed the entire front-end and participated in the development of the back end.

Reference INVESTIDO a.s.
Logo Chef Arena on‑line
Chef Arena on‑line

Chef Arena online is a streaming web service providing online cooking courses to its clients. The project included the creation of complete designs, the development of a responsive web interface and the creation of an administration interface. Part of the development was also connecting the system to the ZOOM application to enable the streaming of courses.

Reference Chef Arena on‑line
Logo Doktor online
Doktor online

Doktor Online primarily serves as an online pediatric emergency room. Our design team provided graphic design creation from web/mobile app UI to illustrations. Subsequently, we participated in the complete development of the front-end of the presentation pages.

Reference Doktor online
Logo Mall Group
Mall Group

With colleagues from the MALL group, we worked primarily on the development of the MALL Partner sales portal. Our work consisted of managing this portal and at the same time integrating new partners into the system.

Reference Mall Group
Logo Weight lifting anatomy
Weight lifting anatomy

Thanks to this portal, you can soon experience the beauty of weightlifting for yourself! In this app, you can subscribe to a complete library of exercises and ready-made sets of exercise plans directly from an expert in the field. Our work consisted in the assembly of the given solution, its development and, of course, the visual layout.

Reference Weight lifting anatomy
Logo Kulinářské Umění
Kulinářské Umění

Culinary Arts is a platform that helps educators, students and professionals manage and share gastronomic know-how. We are participating on the creation of the 3rd version of this project in cooperation with external UX and UI studios. We developed a presentation website and a user portal. We are currently working on a new version of the administration.

Reference Kulinářské Umění
Logo NejenDvorek

nejen DVOREK is a restaurant of Czech and modern gastronomy in the centre of Pardubice. We have made a complete design, presentation page, dynamically generated food menu, gallery and more. For this project we chose Laravel framework and Bootstrap library.

Reference NejenDvorek
Logo MwPharm leaflet
MwPharm leaflet

MwPharm is a clinical pharmacokinetic platform for TDM in the 21st century. Our design team created a promotional brochure for potential clients and investors. This brochure contains information about the story of MwPharm and all the problems it can solve.

Reference MwPharm leaflet
Logo Zelt Paradies e‑shop
Zelt Paradies e‑shop

Zelt-Paradies is an Austrian e-shop with party tents for every occasion! We created this e-shop completely from scratch, including design, website and administration interface. We implemented this project using the Laravel framework and the Tailwind CSS library.

Reference Zelt Paradies e‑shop

How do we approach projects?

The basis of a successful project is regular and open dialogue. As a part of any cooperation, we strive for regular communication and careful listening to the client's needs in order to achieve maximum quality together and fulfill the desired goal.

We plan our projects agilely on the basis of sprints, i.e., clearly defined periods of time, which we then check regularly. This gives us greater flexibility and control over the project. Together with the client, we approve work packages and then include them in the project timeline.

The first step is a personal meeting to clarify what the common goals are. After that, research and analysis follow, including the analysis of competition, target groups and identification of major trends in the field, for example. Having this knowledge, we then think about the overall strategy for the project.

After the first version is put into production, the real fun begins. It is necessary to take care of the product and to improve it actively. Our processes are set up from the very beginning to make project management as simple and trouble-free as possible. We carefully monitor background processes and actively work with the client to improve the overall impression of the product.

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Our values

We are young and progressive! We appreciate the opportunity to run a business as a group of high school friends. Our values are the desire to constantly improve and keep up with the times, because in this industry it is especially important not to lose track of time. We are not afraid to speak openly with our clients and point them in the right direction.

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About us

Since our foundation in 2018, our team has been providing customers with tailor-made solutions. We have experience not only in the development of websites and e-shops, but also information systems, fintech or mobile applications. Step by step, we are growing and expanding our horizons in order to provide our clients with the highest quality of service.

We are a young, energetic and flexible team that tries to use the passion for technology mainly on building the projects themselves. Our big dream and a long-term goal is to slowly get to the development of mobile and computer games. Slowly but surely, we are getting there 😎

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